It can be extremely hard to rely on God. We tell ourselves that God has far greater problems than our little lives, or that we don’t need God for the day to day only for the big things like job interviews and medical complications.

At OAV1, a camp that runs near Aviemore in the October holidays I saw fantastic example of a team reliant on the strength of the Lord. The Bible tells us so often that we must ground all that we do within God and his word. No matter what we do there is opportunity to honour and reflect Christ especially in our schools, workplaces and communities. It is, however, extremely easy to lose sight of this is the busyness and hectic movement of day to day life. I know I am terribly guilty of cracking on with things without standing back to acknowledge the full picture and ask for God’s blessing. 

Zip line at Alltnacriche

That was not how OAV1 worked. Each morning at team meetings prayer to God for strength, sustenance and for his hand to be at work through the team were constant. The team leaders kept us grounded in God even when energy was drained. I remember vividly all the leaders slumped in the lounge room, aching for peace and quiet (probably a good 10 hour kip too) when one of the team leaders simply stated “Let’s just pray to God for strength now”. This was so calming and correct in a moment where my mind was far off in the land of tired, grumpy and complaining. It brought about a renewal of energy and peace of heart to continue on. I am so thankful for the diligence of the team leaders to keep the Lord at the forefront of our minds when requiring that bit more push after a long few days, especially when they themselves have had even longer days.

This team mentality was a true gift from God. Each of the individuals came together as a close unit and worked without compromise for the kids on that week to make sure they had the most exciting and enriching time they could. Praise God for his blessing upon the teaching, team and children!

A follow up email about the kid’s experience of the holiday left me delighted to see the positive comments from children which reflect the hard work of the team serving them. Here are a few examples:

  • All campers said the leaders were great, 23 marking 5 out of 5, and the remainder marking 4 out of 5!
  • The majority of the children responded very positively to the teaching element of the camp
  • "There was always lots to do and it was always fun"
  • "I really enjoyed my holidays. I am definitely coming back next year."
  • "The activities were excellent"
  • "Everything was fantastic"
  • "Food was excellent"

Want to find out more about OAV1? Visit the SU Holidays website.