Gordon Roy recently shared this exciting story from a primary school in Falkirk:

I visited a primary school SU Group just before Easter and the group leaders – Douglas and Elizabeth – were very excited about the previous week’s meeting when they’d invited Andris Meszaros and the Word of Life puppets to perform at the group.

The team got the room set up and waited for the children to arrive. An average week sees around 10 pupils at the group but this week they quickly realised they needed more chairs...a lot more chairs! The Head Teacher had decided to send the entire school and all of the teachers along to the performance because of the snow! The children and teachers laughed and clapped and enjoyed every single aspect of the programme.

The teachers took videos with their phones and at the end were asking when the puppets could come back again! What an amazing encouragement it was to see how much they enjoyed hearing the story of God's rescue plan for them!

UK shieldWord of Life is based in Larbert and their ministry is mostly aimed at primary school children, although it is enjoyed by people of all ages. They use various visual aids such as interactive chalk talks, balloon modelling and puppet shows to share the good news of the gospel across the UK.