I love riding my bike as it gives me a space to think and clear my head. Sometimes this is expressed through mental maths exercises (today I have worked out that in my 410km travelled so far my wheels have completed 400,000 revolutions between them and my legs have spun more than 16,000 times), sometimes this lets me plan up-coming events, and most regularly through time spent praying and meditating on God’s word.

320 Myles Day 3

Now my theological training is not extensive but I am confident enough that Paul in writing Philippians 3:14 (I press on to reach the goal) was not talking about riding to Cullen by bicycle (incidentally how many more churches could Paul have planted if he had a bike?). However unlike the previous two days, I was on my own today so this goal was very much in mind as was the whole verse. The thing is, today was the most complicated day with the most schools and towns to visit and, just as Paul said he is not yet perfect, I must confess my route planning could still do with some refinements (yes, there were 2 non-existent roads today). It also got me thinking about all the other places where we make mistakes and get things wrong. Does it put us off from trying? Does it change our goal or even shorten our expectations of God? Or can we throw off these setbacks and take the prize that is offered freely for us – a prize that, quite remarkably, is even better than fish and chips in Cullen.

Nearly time for bed now and to ready myself for the final day. I am still feeling pretty good but have hurt my left thigh a bit so as well as continued prayers for safety, healing here would be welcome.

The Stats

  • 130km (80m) today
  • 410km (255m) in total
  • Average temperature: 1 degree
  • Top speed 52.3km/h (33mph)
  • 1316 meters climbed today
  • 4632 metres climbed in total
  • Average speed 27.8km/h
  • Time on bike in total 16 hours 20 minutes

Alan Myles

Alan is Regional Worker for Moray, South Islands & Highlands as well as being Schools Programme Coordinator at Alltnacriche.