Pray Day for SchoolsOn the third Tuesday in November (this year, Tuesday 20th November) folks in different parts of Europe will focus prayer on their local schools. There is no one model for Pray Day: it's up to you! You can pray alone, with a small group or in a large gathering, in church with an invitation for local school staff to drop in at lunchtime, or at school, led by pupils or staff. How you mark Pray Day is limited only by your circumstances and imagination!

Linda Burke is Assistant Head Teacher at a primary school in Glasgow. Here's an idea she had for Pray Day: "I feel it is very important to pray for our schools: for our children, parents, staff and the wider school community. Some of us in my school share this belief and were keen to have a prayer event in which we could all participate. We wanted to pray for the very real concerns and burdens of many families; and we wanted to connect with one another in prayer. On Pray Day 2011 we decided to do this by prayer texting. Throughout the day we initiated and received prayer from one another; we began prayer which was continues within the group; we had a real sense of connection with one another as we shared prayer using our phones. We all felt that this was a time of great blessing as we prayed openly for and with one another with a common purpose. We continue to pray as individuals and as a group, and I would certainly commend this to other school communities as we embrace God's love in our workplace."

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