Praise God for six fantastic days celebrating with SU Armenia, in the company of wonderful friends from SU FSR Movements who were attending the annual conference.

SU Armenia Celebration groupTogether we laughed, ate, sang, fellowshipped, shared, prayed, celebrated, deepened warm friendships, made new friends, visited incredible ancient churches and just enjoyed the lovely experience and blessings of being with each other in the Lord’s ‘SU family’.

The Armenia SU family are a really cheerful bunch and were incredibly welcoming, friendly and generously hospitable. We fully experienced this on Saturday for the celebration of ten years of their lovely, comfortable campsite at Nor Geghi. Armenians and Scots have many things in common, one of which became very obvious on Saturday  we both know how to enjoy ourselves and party! 

And what a party: praise to the Lord; video presentation; beautiful traditional Armenian music; words of appreciation and gratitude of all staff and volunteers whose vision and help created Nor Geghi; a feast of delicious Armenian food (prepared by the fantastic catering team); singing and dancing, participated in by many guests!

SU Armenia Celebration group 2Thankfully, the Lord inspired me to take a gift from SU Scotland to mark the occasion  a beautiful communion cup/goblet, made from yew tree wood by Rolf Buwert of Dumfries, which was greatly appreciated and admired.

It was inspiring and humbling to hear reports and testimonies from each Movement: how lives have been touched and changed by the Lord as the Good News is shared; through prayer, the Lord overruling difficult circumstances, and opening up new opportunities in difficult circumstances. 

Like here in Scotland, much of the work is with families, marginalised children, single mothers, orphans, loving and caring for them and giving them a place of warmth and safety, where they become open to hearing and accepting God’s Good News.

Written by Phyllis Caldwell, Chair of the SU International Committee