SU Scotland recently welcomed four young people from Open Bible, Ukraine, who
were experiencing camp and mission in both Scotland and England. Here, Sasha, Tanya and Ella share their thoughts on their time in the UK.



During our time in the UK, our team went to Scotland. Ella and Galia stayed in one of the churches where they took an active part in the day camps for children. Tanya and I went to Arran, in the West of Scotland. We travelled by train, car, and then by ferry.

During the week, we participated in the Kingscross camp as Group Leaders. Picturesque mountain views, combined with the ocean panorama, created a pleasant atmosphere for a fabulous, restful time. On the day of our arrival, I met Ross Murray, the Senior Youth & Schools Worker and leader of the camp. He and his team made us feel part of the team. Group leadership meetings each morning gave a powerful spiritual charge for the day, and the attitude of every team member encouraged and supported me to do the ministry to the best of my ability.

Every day, each teen’s group had some kind of activity where they developed their skills and had fun. In particular, I liked the photo challenge, the desert island, the water challenge and field games. I was in the same team with leaders James and Hope and our group consisted of six teens with whom we made friends and found a common language. We were able to share our testimony of how Jesus changed our lives. Every evening we had optional Bible study and curtain call where teenagers could read, listen and think about God, and his love and principles.

On the penultimate day of the camp, we spent a lot of time in the courtyard in the castle and then relaxing in the pool. During the week, I met a lot of wonderful people and I’m looking forward to working in ministry with them in the future. When we arrived in Glasgow, Jackie led us to the office of SU Scotland where we had a welcoming reception and a delicious lunch. Eventually, we returned to Newcastle where John and Lena were waiting for us.

The next day we were celebrating Ella's birthday and we went on a youth pilgrimage trip to the Holy Island. There, we had the opportunity to visit the local church and see the statue of monk Aidan who had a great influence on the spread of Christianity in England. Thanks to God and our friends’ prayers, we came back home successfully.

I am grateful to the organisers of Open Bible for a wonderful opportunity to see and learn from the experience of camp ministry for children and young people. I liked the clear organisation and training of camps. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised that many older people participated with enthusiasm in the ministry. It really inspired me.

Friendly and hospitable people, delicious food, picturesque landscapes, well organised ministry, new workshops, interesting activities and a high level of quality - that's what I remember the most. In my ministry, I’m going to carry forward the wise principles and useful methods I learned to improve the professional level of projects. I also want to use new technologies and to involve both young and older people in the active ministry.

Glory and thanks to the Lord for such a blessed opportunity to get new and extremely important experiences of children’s and youth ministry. I sincerely hope for further collaboration with Open Bible/Scripture Union in spreading the Kingdom of God in the hearts of children and youth. God bless you!



My trip to Britain was very exciting and informative.

The first week we participated in the camp for children. It was a great time. There, I was able to visit different workshops, where I took a few ideas for my ministry. I liked the prayer point most of all. Also, I was able to be a Pilgrim Guide.

I spent the next seven days in Scotland at the Kingscross camp. I really liked the team. All the material was well-planned and the leaders were very responsible. At this camp, I was a leader and I helped other leaders during some activities.

During the bible meetings, all the truths were explained easily to children. It was also very interesting that the camp had different activities. This camp helped me understand how important planning and clear distribution of responsibilities are.

On the last day of our stay in England, thanks to Lena and John, we were able to take part in a prayer trip to Holy Island. It was a great time to worship and fellowship with God.

I am thankful to the Lord and Open Bible for such an excellent opportunity to take part in this trip and to have new experiences.



Going to England and Scotland has been a great blessing to me! It was wonderful experience that encouraged and inspired me in many ways in my ministry. I learnt many things about organizing camps and working with the stuff team. I enjoyed a lot being part of the team with people of different ages and backgrounds as well as great devotion and desire to serve each other. I loved creative teaching of the Bible truths, particularly drama. Also I found new online resources available to make ministry more interesting. Praise the Lord for this trip and new bright opportunities!