"There's a place right here on Jesus's team, oh yeah!"

On Your Marks

I had the privilege of working with the congregation of Clarkston Parish Church in Airdrie last month as we held an On Your Marks evening club for P1–7 children. It was hard work but we had a great week – here are some of the highlights that contributed to that...

  • A leader telling the children one evening during the host interview that it was at a club like this that he had heard Jesus asking him to follow him, and he was so glad he had done that.
  • A 7 year old boy entering the hall every evening and skipping right across the room to get to his group.
  • A little girl telling me she "loved this club".
  • Eating fish suppers with the team after the final night, and hearing them so positive about this completely new adventure they had taken part in as a church.
  • Hearing the team talk about "next year" and perhaps some things in between.
  • 30 or more parents and family coming along on the Friday evening to see what it was all about.

So why was it so good? The church was being what a church should be! Caring for the people in their community, having fun, sharing the good news of Jesus in chat and story and song, and people turning up 'cause the place was alive with noise and energy!

Thanks God!

Words by Jen Robertson
Jen is our Schools & Churches Development Worker, in partnership with Hamilton Presbytery.