The feedback forms from the SU Holiday at Scoughall last week (ES1) were really good but sometimes the less formal stuff tells it really well. Here are a couple of examples... firstly, an acrostic (I thought that was a type of bread!) and then a poem:

ES1 at Scoughall

Scoughall Super Cool Outrageous activities Underestimated Great Having millions of sun Awesome activities Laughter Loved it so much!

ES1 at Scoughall

My time @ Scoughall

My time at Scoughall has been great fun I hung out with my friends and played in the sun We went to the beach and built some volcanoes And walked round Edinburgh so much I hurt my toes We climbed Berwick Law and reached the very top And when we ran down it was hard to stop We did the assault course and swung on the swing And at the big bonfire we had a good sing We learned about God and made some new friends I wish this SU Holiday would never end.

Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, Inverclyde and Argyll & Bute