The Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) operates on the basis that its members (MSYPs) collate the opinions of those they represent, be that in their constituencies (place they live) or those involved in their National Voluntary Organisation. The power of MSYPs, and indeed SYP as a whole, is severely restricted if the opinions voiced by MSYPs are not reflective of those they represent as a whole. Therefore, the only way for SYP to operate to its maximum potential, and be a real power for positive change, is if those we represent actually tell us their thoughts on the work we do and the policies we make.

The power lies with each and every one young person (aged between sixteen and twenty-five) living in Scotland. SYP prides itself on ensuring the accessibility of its work, allowing everyone the opportunity to bring change and be change. The voice of the youth is often ignored or disregarded by those in power when, in actuality, ours is arguably the most important. It is our generation which will inherit whatever economy, and general country, the politicians of today leave behind. It is therefore essential that we have our say in the running, management and focus of the government to ensure we inherit a successful country which future generations can benefit from.

As Christian young people, the importance of our voice is even greater. I am certain that I am not alone in the realisation that Scotland, and the wider UK, is drifting further and further from God and the ideals of Christianity. It becomes difficult for us to find the courage to shout over the secular rabble and inject back a fraction of the practices taught to us by Jesus through his word. This is why the two SU Scotland and two Church of Scotland seats are so important. It is our responsibility, our calling, to bring the gospel to those marginalised by society, those we would rather avoid and those who have not had access to this incredible truth before. The Parliament provides a confidential (if you wish) and powerful way for young people of all opinions to speak up and be heard. There are a great many policies suggested by the government which (rightly!) make us Christians uncomfortable, and we should rise up and do something to tackle this discomfort.

Please take this opportunity to use your voice to tell the people of Scotland that we Christians have an active interest in politics, and we will not allow our beliefs to be swept under the carpet.

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