At the most recent SYP sitting (October 2015), the Equalities Committee, of which I am the Depute Convenor, voted to write a Member’s Motion (draft policy) focusing on gender equality in the workplace.

The Bible teaches that man and women are made with different skills and abilities which compliment each other and are vital in equal measure to fulfil the potential God intended. Therefore, Christian young people should be as eager to promote gender equality as those with secular views, as we are told by God through his word that men and women bring essential qualities into every walk of life, including the workplace. However, I understand that for many, gender equality is a controversial topic and so ask if anyone has any strong objections to this Motion that you send an email to which will be received in confidence. I am elected to represent the voice of those involved with SU Scotland, and without your opinions I would not be able to do this, so I urge you to please contact me if you are in any way uncomfortable.

It is vital for Christians to voice our opinions surrounding gender inequalities as, too often, there is a negative stereotype in which Christians are portrayed as misogynists with no regard for females. Those with no church background pluck Bible verses out of context, forgetting that much of what was taught in the Old Testament was cultural as women were lesser than men in that society, a fact which continues to this day. Therefore, if Christians show that the Bible teaches love and equality between genders, we can teach the rest of humanity the truth about God’s unequivocal love, sharing it out in the way taught to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Thank you, and see you next month!

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