Holyrood experienced a very different kind of parliamentary gathering last week as MSPs and young people pitted their wits against each other to celebrate learning in the great outdoors.

Wild in the Park - Scottish Parliment

Organised by YouthLink Scotland, ‘Wild in the Park’ aimed to raise awareness of the outdoor learning section of the youth work sector, and culminated in the UK’s first ever outdoor parliamentary reception.

Scottish Labour Leader, Johann Lamont MSP; Scottish Conservative Leader, Ruth Davidson MSP; Scottish Lib Dem Leader, Willie Rennie MSP and the SNP’s Bruce Crawford MSP set aside their political differences to form ‘Team Holyrood’, and raced against the clock and a team of young people from Scouts Scotland to pitch a tent.

Wild in the Park - raft building

The afternoon saw MSPs from across Scotland taking part in a host of challenges, including John Wilson MSP joining young people from Firrhill High School SU Group to build a raft with the Lendrick Muir team. We even got in a quick game of 'heads, shoulders, knees and toes'!

Wild in the Park - heads, shoulders, knees and toes

Chief Scout and wild man, Bear Grylls sent his support for the event and said it would be a fantastic showcase for wild learning:

"The skills that young people learn outdoors should not be underestimated. Getting outdoors, getting active and having fun doing it is so important for teaching young people essential life skills."

Wild in the Park - raft

Find out more about outdoor learning at our centres by visiting the Classroom Outdoors website.