Mattie, a P5 boy from Kincraig Primary school, has started going to 'JAM gang' (Jesus And Me) at his local church after learning about God at two Alltnacriche activity days.

On both days Mattie joined over 30 children from local primary schools who came to enjoy an activity-packed day of sports, games, team competitions, crafts, singing, drama and learning about God from the Bible.

Hear it from Mattie...

What did you enjoy about the activity days at Alltnacriche?

"At the first activity day we did Spring Olympics and I loved the sword fighting. At the second day I loved the crafts."

Why did you go back for the second activity day?

"I went back because it was fun."

What did you learn about God?

"I learnt that He created the world."

What made you decide to go to JAM gang?

"To be with my friends and learn about God."

What would you say to friends who are thinking about going on the next activity day?

"It will be really, really fun!"

What are the activity days?

The activity days are a joint initiative by SU Scotland staff at Alltnacriche, and Alvie and Insh Church of Scotland in Kincraig. The aim is to provide a fun day of activities for primary school children on weekdays when the local schools are closed, such as bank holidays or in-service days.

Children have been invited from the local Kincraig Primary School, as well as those in the SU Groups at Kingussie and Aviemore Primary Schools nearby (spaces are limited and these two schools are rather large!), and the majority of those attending have no links with SU Scotland or the church.

Church members, Alltnacriche staff and teenagers from local SU groups have all helped to run the activities and look after the children during the day.

Shula Bayton, one of the leaders from Alltnacriche, comments "We aim to hold two activity days each year, and hope the events will help with childcare for parents who work, as well as giving the children good fun and getting them to think about who God is and the relevance to each of them."