For the past few years Lendrick Muir has been the venue for the 'Radiate' weekend in August.

Radiate is the working name of Cathcart Youth Ministries Partnership and involves three churches in the area - Cathcart Baptist Church, Catchcart Trinity Church of Scotland and Cathcart United Free Church.

It is led by Cara Wightman, who is also very involved in the leadership of SU Holidays at Lendrick Muir.

In addition to running her own weekend at Lendrick Muir, Cara very much enjoys bringing young people from her weekly groups to SU Holidays with her, and views this as a valuable part of her ongoing work with those she is ministering to.

Radiate group at LM

This year’s Radiate weekend was described by Cara as “another fantastic weekend at Lendrick Muir” and she was particularly grateful to the activity instructors “for looking after our young people, especially as we have a diverse group and some with additional learning needs”.

But it wasn’t just the churches’ teenagers who were able to be part of the experience this year: on the Saturday a group of Sunday Club children visited for the day.

Gail McLay, one of the leaders, writes:

"It was a fantastic day and a real encouragement to see around 60 children and young folk, plus leaders, all enjoying the facilities together. 

It was a chance for some of the 10-12 year olds who were wary of going for the whole weekend to come and see Lendrick Muir and join the older kids for part of the event. 

They are all now really keen to go for the whole weekend next year. Others are excited about coming on an SU Holiday.”

Just one example of the exciting ways the centres can be involved in the practical working out of 'working with the church' - one of our four key emphases in SU Scotland!

Written by Alison McKie, one of the staff team at Lendrick Muir

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