Life is made up of moments and I'd like to share three with you from the last few months that point to the sovereignty and wonder of our God who is in control of all things and invites us into service with him.

I help at Spotlight which is our monthly event for S1-S3. At the end of April, a mum­ arrived with her son and we got chatting. It turned out Donna was a trainee minister at a church in Clermiston... where I had been asked to lead the holiday club this year. This was one of those God-ordained moments which led to our being able to work with Donna, Rosemary, the minister, and their congregation in the heart of the community and in their church. We were also delighted to work alongside City Gates Baptist Church and Emmanuel Church with whom we have partnered over the years.

The second moment came when Mark, who was leading our holiday club drama team, arrived at the church one evening to practise and was waiting for the others. Some boys were hanging around and asked him what he was doing. He told them about Holiday Club and invited them along. They started coming to church that following Sunday before the club began and have been coming each week since! They came each day to the club and one of the older ones, keen not to miss out, came along as a helper.

The third moment came at the end of our holiday club. Mike, one of our leaders, invited children to pray with him if they wished, asking Jesus to forgive them and to become his friend. One boy two days earlier had said he didn't believe in God; he comes from a very complicated background. He was the boy who prayed the loudest that morning asking Jesus to come into his life.

These moments are sure to be the greatest treasures in life, moments when God surprises us with his incredible grace, and with the invitation to be involved in his work in the world.