“They let down the nets and caught such a large number of fish that the nets were about to break”

Luke 5:6

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Jesus’ ministry is overflowing with stories about fishing. For many years Mary Gargrave, Deaconess at Carnwadric Church, dreamed of taking children fishing to teach them more about Jesus. A few months ago, God provided the opportunity she needed to move forward with her dream.


While visiting Carnwadric Church, Glasgow Regional Worker Mary-Louise Stone spoke about the theme of fishing in the New Testament. Mary seized the chance to involve SU Scotland in her dream. After many conversations, they invited myself and Mike Gargrave, minister at Thornliebank Church, to the team and a plan was formed.

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We invited children from both Ashpark and Thornliepark SU Groups to participate in our newest event. Saturday morning, our team headed out in a minivan with eight eager children to the fishery. After a few lessons on casting and baiting all the poles, the children began to work on their skill. We had been concerned that they children would quickly become bored with sitting and holding a pole; however, they were enjoying the knowledge that at any moment, they could catch a fish!

New friendships were formed throughout the day and teamwork was required to bring in some of the fish. They celebrated each other’s successful attempts and were devastated by the ones that escaped. By the end of the day the children may not have caught enough fish to break a net; but they were overjoyed by their accomplishments as they brought home fish for the family.


Written by Amanda Barger, Volunteer Worker at Carnwadric Church   

ML Stone

Mary-Louise ('ML') Stone is the Regional Worker for Glasgow. ML is originally from Caithness but has lived in Glasgow for 8 years now and almost managed to master the city centre's one way system! She is a member of The Gathering Church and likes to spend her free time riding her motorbike, playing sports and spending time with friends (but not all at the same time).