When I say 'pride' what do you think of? Does it make you think about a spiritually weakening, self-centred view of the world?

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom. Proverbs 11:2, ESV

Recently I read Louie Giglio’s "I am not but I know I am." It is a book based around the story of the burning bush. God is I Am, and so therefore we are ‘I am not’. This book talks about the fact that you aren’t the star of the show, but God is. It puts the pride of your heart into the spotlight, challenging you to become less proud. Skiing on CairngormIn one chapter of the book Giglio is in St. Paul’s Cathedral; he is amazed at the size and then reminds you how enormous God is: “God is big. Really, really big.” When skiing on Cairngorm I had a similar experience. It’s a big mountain but is only the sixth highest mountain in Scotland, and even Ben Nevis is tiny in comparison to Mt. Everest. The most amazing thing is those mountains are under God’s authority, he created them and he can move them.

Noticing how big God is puts your life into perspective. Every time I pray about my own worries I am glorifying God less and less, and making it all about me. I want to see where I am going, but actually the story is not about me, it’s about God and I know where God’s story is going. We need to praise him for what is to come, for what we have in our lives now, and for who he is. We can often get so caught up in our own self that we disregard the feelings of others. We only accept our own opinion as right. But in the great words of Disney’s Frozen, “let it go”! You may know that you’re right but sometimes it’s good to just let go. And sometimes it’s good to hear a different opinion. If your definition of failure is not winning, you’re going to fail. A lot! The first chapter of the book is about stress and meaninglessness. If I fill my life with the idea that I am not doing the best I can do then I have failed, then I will always fail. Instead I should focus on the fact Jesus has already won, and so by believing in him I already have the biggest possible prize. If you want to live your life completely like Jesus, then you have to be humble. One of the greatest examples of Jesus humility is when he washes his disciple’s feet. The job that was meant to be done by servants, was done by the most important person in the room. However, Jesus greatest moment of humility is on the cross. He died for us. He was innocent, yet he still died for what we had done, and this is the greatest service that anyone could provide - laying his life down for those he loved.

Written by Calum Keys. Calum is on his gap year with SU Scotland, and loves sport, music, and Starbucks! Find out more about our gap year.