This summer, I was lucky enough to go to KX5, a week-long Scripture Union camp held on the Kingscross campsite on the Isle of Arran. The week was definitely one of the best experiences of my life: combining adventurous activities, beautiful surroundings, lovely people and learning more about Jesus all into one place!!!

My home for the week was a tent at the Kingcross campsite, where there was a relaxed atmosphere and breath-taking views across to the sea, and it provided the perfect base for all of our adventures. We had the opportunity each day to try various activities; there really was something there to suit everyone. Personally I went abseiling down a cliff, swimming in a spa pool (probably disrupting everybody else's peace and quiet to be honest as we flipped one another off of our shoulders), pony-trekking through the countryside and even gorge-walking. The gorge-walking was incredible as we got to climb up the gorge, slide down some natural slides and even cliff jump: in the end we all tumbled back into the minibus freezing cold and unbelievably happy!

Being 17 years old, I was the second oldest camper there so in my opinion I had the best of both worlds: I could play with the younger ones yet could also speak on a level with the leaders (some of whom were only a few months older than myself). Also, in the evening when the younger ones had gone to bed, us older ones had some time to play games together. One evening we even drove down to the coast at sunset and sat on the beach in the dark, chatting and munching doughnuts. I'm sure I will fondly remember that evening for the rest of my life.

But what really set my Scripture Union holiday apart from any other adventure holiday was the Christian ethos. It was such a warm and welcoming place where Jesus was part of our day and our conversations. As well as walking down to the local church on Sunday, each evening before dinner we had a session where we'd delve more into our Bibles. We'd then also meet with other youngsters our age to discuss it further, and ask our leaders any questions. This time allowed for some invaluable, deep discussions which I found really thought-provoking.

Overall, spending a week in the SU bubble was just so refreshing for me. I spent the entire week smiling, laughing and singing. We literally sang everywhere we went: on the campsite, in the minibus, even whilst doing the dishes. Yes, you read that correctly, even dishes can be fun when you are in great company!!! Even the odd puddle in the tent and the midge bites couldn't bring me down from cloud nine.

Sadly, at the end of the week I had to say a tearful goodbye to the new friends that I had made, but I will treasure the time we spent together and I continue to pray for them. I absolutely love SU and would highly recommend their holidays: in my opinion they're of such benefit to both Christian young people, like myself, and non-Christians too!

Thank you to all of the wonderful leaders, especially David Clipston (you can pay me later David), who made KX5 so great!

Places for KX5 in July can be booked here


By Katie Campion