What on earth could persuade a person to spend a week sleeping in a cold, possibly damp tent?

This is a question many of us may be asking ourselves after booking up to a camp at Kingscross this Easter or summer. While it seemed like a good idea at the time, the reality of the situation may be hitting you. Yes, Kingscross is an amazing place that will undoubtedly bring you a week of amazing activities, teaching and friends. But if we’re honest, for the majority of us the tent life is not the dream life. It’s going to be cold, the ground is going to be hard, someone in your tent is probably going to snore, the showers are far away... I could go on. But do not fear: we’ve got exactly what you need to survive your week at Kingscross.

Kingcross tent life

  1. Bring a blow up lilo, or something similar if you have one. Yes, you will be the laughing stock of the tent. But accept the light banter that will undoubtedly bond you with your tent-mates, and think of the beautiful sleeps you will have while those who are more unprepared are on the hard ground.
  2. If that fails, use a double roll mat.
  3. Waterproofs. Bring all the waterproofs. It will definitely rain.
  4. Savour every second of sunshine.
  5. Bring earbuds and/or an eye mask if you have them. Again, you will be the laughing stock of the tent, but they’ll save your life at 5am when the birds/sun decide it’s time to wake up.
  6. Bring shoes you can slip on or off in a heartbeat. Most people live in flip flops and wellies.
  7. If you’re going as a camper, remember: canvas is not the same as solid walls. Not only can your leaders see your torches shining, they can hear everything you are saying.
  8. Don’t spray deodorant inside the tent. It’s really not worth the argument and the eventual ‘I-told-you-so’s when the tent leaks and it’s possibly your fault.
  9. Speaking of which, do pay attention in your ‘canvas care’ lesson. It might seem boring, but a dry and aired tent is a happy tent.
  10. Accept that everything (your clothes, shoes, Bible, suitcase) is going to be covered in damp grass for a while. It’s a fact of Kingscross life.
  11. Try and develop a short-term tolerance for daddy long legs. Kingscross is their home and nothing can get rid of them. And bring midgie spray for the smaller bugs!
  12. Be ready to have fun – it’s not often you get to spend a week in a truly beautiful place doing activities, spending time with friends and learning more about God.

Once you’ve got over these little camping practicalities, you’ll be ready for one of the best weeks of the year. So enjoy it while you can!

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Catherine McKinlay

Catherine is in her fourth year of university, and has been going to SU Holidays all of her life. She spends most of her time in the library, and loves being a group leader at camps over Easter and summer.