One of the best parts about my joint appointment with SU Scotland is seeing the journeys that young people take in their walk with Christ.

A Myles blog - mission

This was brought home to me during the summer at the Badenoch and Strathspey mission. A young chap had been listening right to the end of one of my assemblies (well done him!) and when I mentioned that there was a weekend camp coming up at Alltnacriche that he could come to, he took the chance.

Then in the summer he attended the evening part of the mission, each night inviting different friends to come and meet those of us running the event. Here he heard Christian teenagers share something about their faith. It has encouraged him to join the SU Group in his school this term and he is now looking forward to attending Alltnacriche with his school soon, telling his friends about all there is to look forward to.

The great thing, he is not alone and more and more young people are being able to have a similar journey, building strong links with local SU Scotland volunteers and being able to follow up interest they have in learning more about God. Please pray for this young man and the other young people like him.

Alan Myles

Alan is Regional Worker for Moray, South Islands & Highlands as well as being Schools Programme Coordinator at Alltnacriche.