Liz Beadie and Mary Buchanan talk about running the SU Group at Calderhead High in Shotts.


It was our pastor’s suggestion that I might go in to the high school and set up a group. We got going in January last year. We meet at lunchtime and the kids come in with their lunch and we chat together as they eat. We try not to give them spiritual indigestion, but make sure that whatever Bible episode we are looking at, we give them some snippet or key message to take away. At the moment we are using SU material based on Acts and the kids are really enjoying it.

We’ve also got some craft workshops set up at Alexander Peden Primary, which feeds to Calderhead. Some of the girls from the high school are coming to help at this event, where we’ll be using our crafting skills, then bringing it all together to tell a Bible story to the whole school. We’re hoping this event will encourage some of the P7s to think about coming to the SU Group when they come up to high school. It’s such a privilege to be able to work with children and young people and share our faith with them.


To be honest, I’m more comfortable behind the scenes, but Mary asked me to go in to Calderhead and support her and it’s been really exciting to see this new group get going and become a safe place for young people to gather. I can remember how it felt going to high school in Airdrie. It was really quite daunting and I was full of insecurities and questions. I wish there had been someone around that I could have asked the real questions of. I believe the Bible still has answers for young people today and I am delighted to have an opportunity to share that. To start with I was saying, “I can’t do this”, and I was right, but God and I can do it together.


Mary and Liz have been friends for ages. They are both retired and go to Benhar Evangelical Church, Harthill. Mary’s granddaughter is at Alexander Peden Primary. Read more stories like this in the next edition of @SU – sign up here if you haven’t already!