Last month I escaped the office for a morning and visited a rather unique Bible Exhibition at Cartsbridge Evangelical church in Busby. For the last seven years they've held a Bible Exhibition for local primary schools, and this year they had over 600 children visit the exhibition - what an amazing way to reach out and build relationships with local schools! And what an exhibition! Volunteers from the church spent two weeks setting it all up; the stairway was turned into a tunnel, creating anticipation as you entered. Upstairs, the area had been transformed into 5 rooms for the pupils to work their way around, each focusing on a different aspect of the Christian faith.

The Christianity Zone had a range of stations to teach the pupils about the trinity, the Cross and Christian symbolism. In the Bible room pupils could discover different translations of the Bible and were introduced to the layout and overall story. In the Saints room they then watched a video drama about Saint Columba and his legacy in Scotland. The Incarnation Zone was entered through a chute (see photo above - I'm sure the teachers were allowed to use the door) and had a great range of hands-on experiments based around the miracles in the Bible. Computers were set up with a short quiz, and there was a video room which focused on Christianity in the world today. I watched a class as they made their way around the exhibition in small groups and it was great to see them getting stuck in and showing enthusiasm for the topics. Over 40 volunteers were involved and they were exceptional at making it engaging and fun (and giving the teachers a break!). The whole exhibition was action-packed and fast-paced, keeping the pupils engaged and doing rather than just listening. And the teachers were certainly enjoying it just as much as the pupils, one commenting that it was just like Disneyland, only free. What a great privelage and opportunity to be supporting and encouraging the local schools, teachers and pupils!