Right about this time of year, groups of primary 6 and 7 children in Airdrie start to get excited. Okay, everyone gets a bit excited at the beginning of February as there is a mid-term break coming up, but teams of six children in four primary schools are looking beyond that. Their sense of anticipation is for the final of the Airdrie Schools Bible Quiz which will take place just before the Easter holidays.

Clarkston Bible Quiz During the autumn term, teams in ten local schools studied passages from the Bible before competing in the first round of the Bible Quiz, which took place at the end of November. Now the four teams who had the highest scores are eager to explore new chapters and begin training for the final.     The knowledge of the Bible passages which the children demonstrate is of a very high standard and invariably impresses the audience. By participating in this event, children certainly qualify as Successful Learners, Confident Individuals and Effective Contributors as well as being a source of pride to their school. I asked some of the children to tell us about their experience. They said:

  • “I enjoyed studying the Bible because it was fun to learn some new things.”
  • “I wanted to do the Bible Quiz because I wanted to learn more about Jesus and represent my school. I liked studying the Bible and it was good fun.”
  • “I really liked the games because it was very active and good fun...but the best part is just getting into the Bible Quiz and taking part.”

How would the children sum up the experience?

  • “I would definitely recommend it to other schools because it is good to learn about the Bible!”

Written by Valerie Sim, Local Schools Worker (Airdrie & Coatbridge)