Let me introduce myself and my wonderful wife-to-be Nadine. My name is Abe. I am English and she is German. We both began an exciting chapter of our lives on the 10th of January working as activity instructors at Lendrick Muir. A little more than a month into our new life we were asked if we could share the story of how we came to be there. So here we go!

The beginning

Nadine and I quite incredibly (details on request) were brought together by God and were engaged in the autumn of 2010. At this point our options were unclear but since we had both considered further study this was a logical starting point. Nadine's plans, however, were delayed when her gap year caused her to miss the September entry. Similarly, my plans were put on hiatus when, during my last year at university, God changed my heart towards studying.

Our heart's desire

We both knew the things we wanted to do for God and each time we discussed the options we would say, “If only there would be somewhere the two of us could work together influencing young people in a community setting with the message of Christ and using our passions for sport and the outdoors!"

Rather desperately though, we began looking into more conventional career paths hoping to find something that united our passions and abilities. We continued this way until one day it occurred to us that God had made it abundantly clear what we should do. So, thanks to God making plain our heart's desires (and with a good reckoning that He had put them there in the first place) we began to look for the perfect job encompassing all these criteria.


To our surprise a few things came up; a place in Austria, a place in England and a place in America - all very strong candidates as far as we were concerned. To our greater surprise we were unsuccessful on all counts. It was confusing to have such apparently God-given opportunities lead nowhere but we were encouraged to be persistent, trusting what we believed to be God's will.

God's faithfulness

One particular Monday, separated by a thousand and something miles, Nadine and I fasted and prayed for guidance. Just before a long-distance chat with Nadine, my mum had told me of an opening at a Scripture Union centre. Nadine and I took a look at the vacancy and noted immediately that there were two identical positions being advertised. In fact the more we looked into it the more we liked it! It had the opportunity for community living with Christians, for regular interaction with young people and all in the context of outdoor activity. Incredibly we were made aware of the job with just enough time to apply before the deadline. Nadine and I were in Germany from the beginning of November to spend time with her family and friends. We both had to cope with well-meaning questions from friends and family who were naturally concerned for our future but sometimes with different ideas of success and security. The following weeks were tense and a serious test of our trust and patience. However, to slightly shorten an increasingly lengthy story, we were successful in getting to the interview stage (and the interview, thanks to Skype) and 24 hours after the interview our heart rates shot up again when we read an email offering us the jobs!

Well, that's just a small story of the amazing things God has done. We are certainly not special and can only say that God is faithful - to the measure our faith is in Him! Praise God for bringing us to Lendrick Muir.

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9, NIV