You may have heard about the Holidays Sponsorship Fund, our project that enables many young people to enjoy a holiday.

In God We Trust Band 2

We've got some friends who've made an incredible new worship record called In God We Trust– or IGWT for short. The band wants to put profits from this worship album towards mission work and they've decided to donate £3.50 every time they sell an album to our supporters - that's you!

This is amazing news, but we need your help.

Will you support us by downloading this fantastic worship album? You also have the option of buying a CD. By doing this you will help us raise the money we need to help more kids get to camp:

  • Many children and young people come from families who are not able to afford an SU Holiday; without sponsorship, some would not enjoy any holiday and, for many, this is their only break.
  • Motiv8 Holidays cater specifically for young people from disadvantaged communities and are heavily subsidised, thanks to donations made to this fund.
  • We depend on the willing service of a large number of committed volunteers. For some, volunteering involves a significant financial sacrifice, but all make sacrifices of time and energy. Not every team member is able to contribute towards the event cost, and so we need your help to make up the considerable shortfall.

M4m Igwt Banner

Simply click on this link and you can either download the music or order a CD in the same way you would if you were buying something from iTunes or from any other online shop.

Thank you so much for your support!