Other countries, cultures and people have always held a fascination for me and being given the opportunity to be involved with God's SU International family is an exciting privilege. The inspiration for supporting other SU movements came from the enthusiastic prayerful and practical 'hands on' support encouraged by Boss Meiklejohn when he was Schools and Camps Director of SU Scotland. As his Personal Secretary it was part of the job to prepare and distribute practical fundraising materials to every SU group in Scotland (and there were many!), e.g. scooters for workers in India; t-shirts for street kids in Peru.

Phyllis, Elena and Dasha

One never knows where the Lord will lead, if you say 'yes' to his invitation to serve him! To be given the opportunity to participate in life enhancing experiences such as: multi-language worship and Bible study; deep and lasting fellowship and friendships with other SU family members; to depend on God's provision for all practical and spiritual needs; to be blessed by him in all circumstances and know his tangible presence - these are rich blessings and treasures beyond price. It's extra special and heart warming to see the SU lamp and Psalm 119:105 displayed in other movements, reminding us that we are a global family within God's wider family of fellow believers.

Phyllis Caldwell is Chair of the SU Scotland International Committee and has led teams to Ukraine. She will be visiting SU colleagues in Tajikistan next month.