I support SU International because.... someone asked me to!

It seems so simple, yet despite having been involved with SU Scotland in one way or another since my school days, until a few years ago I was pretty much in the dark about the exciting work that God is doing in SU movements around the world.

Derek _Clark

Since then and especially through helping to prepare some of the annual project material used at holidays and missions, I’ve discovered that even in what seemed ‘mysterious’ places like Tajikistan (could you find it on a map?), SU work is going on. At times it goes under a different name and the activities vary depending on what is culturally appropriate, but there’s always that same desire to help young people encounter Jesus through the Bible.

So... now I’m asking you... Will you get involved with the International work of SU? 

There’s lots of information on the website to get you started, opportunities to join an international team, or support the annual project, or maybe explore serving on the International Committee of SU Scotland – we’d love to hear from you and chat through what you could be involved in.

Derek Clark serves on SU Scotland's International Committee.