RS10220_Bible And Reader -scr

I accidentally left my backpack for the bus with my luggage which got placed in the hold. At the same time I left my Bible lying, hence I boarded the bus with nothing but my Bible. I sat beside Rachel* and put my Bible in the tray table. She asked what it was and if I was going to read it; I said no. She asked if she could. She then looked up the memory verse and for the rest of the journey read aloud from John's gospel where I helped her with words, explained bits and asked her questions. It was great to see she was so enthusiastic and sure in her beliefs about the existence of Jesus, all the miracles and that he died for her. As we were travelling I felt a bit like Philip and the Ethiopian in the chariot from Acts, and funnily enough, that was precisely the passage that was preached on Sunday night at church!

Andrew Strong, group leader at the Primary East End Weekend

*Not her real name