"I cannot do it," Joseph replied to Pharaoh, "but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires." Genesis 41:16

In recent weeks I’ve been having a look at the story of Joseph. As I’ve been studying the life of Joseph, one verse has really stood out as a key verse in the whole of the 14 chapters from Genesis 37-50. It comes when Joseph is called to interpret Pharaoh’s dream. Prior to this event we can see that Pharaoh is ruthless and when Joseph arrives he is quite clear what he expects from Joseph. 'I’ve heard that you can interpret dreams, I’ve had a dream – so tell me what it means.'

And the response that Joseph gives to Pharaoh is both incredibly simple and yet mind boggling at the same time: 'I can’t.' 'I can’t – but God can.' We read on to discover that Joseph is able to tell Pharaoh the meaning of his dream - why? Because God enabled him to do it! I’ve been wondering what I would have done in Joseph’s shoes. Would I have made something up to please Pharaoh? Tried to put on a good show? I don’t have to wonder too much, because I think that actually I am regularly in a similar situation. We all are. We come across situations where we ‘can’t’. The question is – what do we do about it? Do we try our best and hope it works out ok? Or do we recognise that we know someone who can, and get on board with the God who can? Joseph couldn’t, but he was the one who told Pharaoh what the dream meant. What role does God have for us to play in the situations where we ‘can’t’?