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Our Team Leaders have shared some inspiring ministry stories from the SU Holidays and SU Missions that took place during the Easter holidays.

"Telling the Easter story from the Bible in various locations was very memorable - including the roof of the national museum in Edinburgh (the security guard was perplexed!). It was then good to come 'home' and chat about these stories and think about what they mean for us today. One girl commented that she had got to know Jesus better because of her week at Scoughall."


"The teaching was of a very high standard and the children asked great questions in group times, often before the leaders had started the discussion. One boy in particular asked repeatedly for a Bible and we were able to give him a copy of Mark's Gospel to keep. He was thrilled with it and would even read it at mealtimes."


"One boy had come for the first time without knowing anyone and enjoyed it so much that he has already booked to come back with a friend in the summer."


"Our missions went really well with over 70 children attending between the two locations. The children had a ball, as did the leaders - especially our junior leaders. The main thing that struck me this year was an S2 helper who had attended a few years ago and had come back as a junior leader last year - this year his school were offering a select few the opportunity to spend the week recording music in a proper recording studio in Glasgow. He was offered one of these places but turned it down because he would rather be at the mission. We do all of this for the children, but it reaches other people too - the leaders, parents, hall keeper and that never fails to amaze me."


"One great encouragement was the testimony of a boy who had been with us two years ago. He had not understood then why we would have a planned individual quiet time in the morning for everyone. However, now he feels greatly blessed by this time with God."


"We invited campers to write their questions and peg them onto some strings hanging in the lounge. The volume of questions was somewhat surprising and for at least 45 minutes before tea each evening a group of leaders worked with campers to look at the questions. There were fantastic discussions with P6 campers feeling free to share their thoughts alongside S4 campers. There were many deep and searching questions and often the discussion continued to the dinner table. Some of this was undoubtedly the fruit of relationship with campers which has grown, in some instances, over the past four years."