As part of SU Scotland’s focus on growing the team, we long to see young people equipped to live boldly as Christians in school, to support one another well and to reach out to share the good news of Jesus with their non-Christian friends.

To work towards this goal, SU Scotland has created a course called Equip! to train senior pupils for SU Group leadership. It explores what an SU Group is, what the Bible has to say about leadership, and covers practicalities of running a group, such as planning a session, advertising the group and dealing with challenging behaviour. Equip! can be run in different formats to suit different situations.

In November we held two sessions for current secondary SU Group leaders to discuss this vision together and the response was encouraging. It was especially exciting to see the reaction of the pupils who are already leading groups. Despite their busy lives they were enthusiastic about the idea of training and one emailed the es-team worker for their school as soon as they got home to ask if Equip! could be run for them.

To supplement Equip! we are planning a leadership network which will gather pupil leaders from across the city to pray together and share ideas and stories. The first of these events will be held on Sunday 5th February 2017 from 4pm-6pm in Edinburgh Methodist Church, Nicolson Square. We would value your prayers as we deliver this programme.