All our SU Scotland supporters are partners with us in fulfilling the vision to help children and young people explore the Bible and respond to Jesus.

Our desire is to draw more partners alongside us in this ministry; people who are financial donors, join us in prayer and volunteer alongside us.

We set ourselves a challenge to draw 500+ new regular donors into financial partnership – it’s a tall order, yet you can be part of the effort by:

  • supporting the efforts of staff you know
  • inviting people you know personally to become regular donors
  • becoming one of the 500+

Please do pray for us as staff commit to this challenge since our culture can sometimes make raising the subject of charitable giving somewhat awkward; rather we hope it is received as an opportunity to participate in God’s mission.

If you would like to become one of the 500+, you can now set up a direct debit on our website – it’s quick, easy, and helps enable more children and young people explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus!

Yes - I want to be one of the 500+

Andy Bathgate

Andy has been CEO of SU Scotland since 2001. When he's not busy with us, you'll find him playing with his grandsons or in an art gallery with his wife.