All our SU Scotland supporters are partners with us in fulfilling the vision to help children and young people explore the Bible and respond to Jesus.

Our desire is to draw more partners alongside us in this ministry; people who are financial donors, join us in prayer and volunteer alongside us. We’ve set ourselves the challenge to draw 500+ new regular donors into financial partnership. In this blog series we’re sharing stories of how we’re finding the challenge!

One staff member shares their experience of reaching out to new financial donors:

I approached my minister a few weeks ago about how best to promote SU Scotland in the church. Our church is currently looking at their vision and one of the strands is “serving others”, so he suggested that, as part of a service looking at this theme, I could lead the children’s talk on the work of SU Scotland.

Given that children’s talks are usually interactive and the part of the service most people remember, I decided that, rather than waffling on, I would ask some folk in the congregation who volunteer with SU Scotland to share their stories (briefly). I pulled together a PowerPoint using some graphics from @SU and the strategy postcard (I’m an expert at cutting and pasting the excellent design work of others!).

Several church members already volunteer, and it was good to have their perspective on four key areas of work: schools, holidays, missions and training/equipping, and an older lady who spoke about supporting our work through giving and prayer. It was really encouraging that she mentioned giving when I’d only approached her to speak about prayer. I finished off with one of the young people sharing how they had been to many camps since P5, were now involved in the planning group for Encounter and preparing to go to Rwanda in the summer.

I really didn’t have to say very much – the enthusiasm of the people themselves, particularly the young person’s story, illustrated the breadth and impact of SU Scotland’s ministry better than I ever could. I simply summed up with an invitation to consider “serving others” by getting involved, including mentioning our need for 500 new regular donors.

I had taken a bunch of literature, and was really heartened by the number of people taking copies of @SU or SU Holidays brochures, signing up to receive news, and especially by six folk who asked for Direct Debit forms. I was encouraged by the opportunity to talk about SU Scotland and the warmth of the reception. And who knows... maybe it will result in those individual conversations that I’ve really not been that comfortable about initiating!

Want to become one of the 500+? You can set up a direct debit now on our website – it’s quick, easy, and helps enable more children and young people explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus!

Yes! I want to be one of the 500+

John Mowat

I joined SU Scotland in 2004, and my role involves various elements of fundraising. This includes, but is not limited to, coordinating our three annual appeals, overseeing applications to supportive trusts and foundations, assisting staff with their own support raising, attending some events to promote our ministry, contact with volunteers and other initiatives. I am always happy to hear from volunteers who have fresh fundraising ideas!