All our SU Scotland supporters are partners with us in fulfilling the vision to help children and young people explore the Bible and respond to Jesus.

Our desire is to draw more partners alongside us in this ministry; people who are financial donors, join us in prayer and volunteer alongside us. We’ve set ourselves the challenge to draw 500+ new regular donors into financial partnership. In this blog series we’re sharing stories of how we’re finding the challenge!

One staff member shares their experience of reaching out to new financial donors:

For me, the starting point was prayer (naturally…) because I did feel a bit overwhelmed. I wasn’t very sure where to start. On top of that, I guess pride was a bit of a barrier – there were some people I thought I could approach, but I felt embarrassed about talking to them about giving...

The key for me was to find the right medium. I didn’t feel that asking someone face to face ‘out of the blue’ was the best approach, as I tend to talk absolute rubbish when I’m feeling nervous or under pressure. So I put together a wee card that I could use to write a short note to a friend, including an invitation to support SU Scotland. Additionally, I used my newsletter to let my current supporters know about my plan, and ask them to join me in praying about it (and consider giving themselves if they hadn’t already!).

After biting the bullet, I was surprised at the positive responses I received, even from folk who didn’t feel able to give. It’s not something that I have found easy, but it’s also not been the impossible headache that I imagined it would be!

Want to become one of the 500+? You can set up a direct debit now on our website – it’s quick, easy, and helps enable more children and young people explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus!

Yes! I want to be one of the 500+

John Mowat

I joined SU Scotland in 2004, and my role involves various elements of fundraising. This includes, but is not limited to, coordinating our three annual appeals, overseeing applications to supportive trusts and foundations, assisting staff with their own support raising, attending some events to promote our ministry, contact with volunteers and other initiatives. I am always happy to hear from volunteers who have fresh fundraising ideas!