All our SU Scotland supporters are partners with us in fulfilling the vision to help children and young people explore the Bible and respond to Jesus.

Our desire is to draw more partners alongside us in this ministry; people who are financial donors, join us in prayer and volunteer alongside us. We’ve set ourselves the challenge to draw 500+ new regular donors into financial partnership. In this blog series we’re sharing stories of how we’re finding the challenge!

One staff member shares their experience of reaching out to new financial donors:

I recently had the opportunity to have lunch with a not-so-close friend, who I hadn’t met socially for several years.

I knew that in the past he was interested in SU Scotland, and my work too. However, because I hadn’t seen him for so long, I wasn’t sure if this interest was more a courtesy than a conviction! Almost on impulse, I decided to take one of the new Direct Debit general giving forms with me. Without manipulating the conversation, the topic of SU Scotland encouragements and challenges came up, I was able to share our “grow the team” challenge (nervously) and hand over an envelope with the giving form…

His response was to say that he would be happy to support my work. I wasn’t sure how long it might take him to do so, but the beauty of our new online giving option is that within two hours of our conversation he had set up a Direct Debit for my support!

Want to become one of the 500+? You can set up a direct debit now on our website - it's quick, easy and helps enable more children and young people explore the bible and respond to the significance of Jesus!