Growing Servant Leaders

Training up young leaders is an important ministry in the church; as young people begin the transition into adulthood, we must equip them for their role in tomorrow's generation. If they are to step up as leaders, they need to be trained and mentored, and they need the opportunity to put what they've learnt into practice; to take on challenges and responsibilities in an environment where it's ok to give it a go, even if it doesn't always go as planned.

The scariest thing I could think of

One of the things that I thought I would never be able to do was to lead an evening meeting and give a talk at camp. That was the scariest thing I could think of doing. However, after a week at LeadUP, I felt confident enough to challenge myself to do it. Faye

And she did! Faye was one of over 100 people aged 16-21 who took part in SU Scotland's COmMISSION programme last year.


COmMISISON is our Scottish mission programme which develops leadership potential, deepens faith, and provides short-term mission opportunities right here in Scotland! It's aimed at anyone in S5 or older, and provides a week or weekend of training and spiritual development, followed by a week or more of Scottish mission (opportunities are also available for international mission too!), and then to finish, all participants get together for a weekend to review the experience, share what's been learnt, and determine future opportunities. We've just launched the COmMISSION programme for 2012, and would love to encourage anyone interested in developing leadership skills to consider taking part. If you're a church leader or youth leader, this is a great opportunity that will have a profound impact on your young people.

A life of service

Many of our COmMISSION-ers find the training on this course helps them to find areas they can serve in their church, in their school and in their community - it really is equipping for a life of service. “Looking back over the week of LeadUP I can honestly say God taught me completely different things from the week than I thought I would learn, but it was these things that helped me grown in confidence as the summer went on, and the skills I learnt I continue to use in everyday life as I try to serve God as much as I can." Kelly