We caught up with Gillian Orr, Co-Team Leader at the Aviemore Mission event and asked her for her three highlights of 2018’s event.


  • The joy of being able to include a young girl with multiple disabilities in all of the activities - Christina is up for anything and keen to join in whatever is happening so we made sure that we did everything possible to make that work. It was a challenge at times, but the team were absolutely great! We made use of the young leaders and her peers to help her get around and fully participate. It was a real privilege to watch her so fully engage.
  • The dedication of the young leaders during the week - their enthusiasm and energy!  We had 5 young leaders on team and they really committed to their time at the club – growing in their own faith as well as seeking to encourage younger children towards this too. We took some risks and invited three of them to lead main talks to the children who were with us. They did brilliantly! They enjoyed the belief we showed in them, the challenge and valued the feedback we were able to give.
  • The age range of the team - from grannies to grandchildren. We had a granny, grand-daughter and grandson all on team together which was amazing to see. There is so much talk of the importance of intergenerational ministry and we saw it happen and unfold before us. There was a very wide age range of the whole team and it was so encouraging to see everyone get on so well together, supporting and helping each other when needed. I think it’s so important to have the generations involved together as there is so much to be learned whoever you are. The goal of seeing children exploring the Bible and responding to the significance of Jesus draws the generations together - the younger members had greater energy for games and anything energetic, whilst the older team members had patience and wisdom to deal with potential issues with children, giving younger team members opportunity to learn from watching.