'No Basecamp? No LeadUP? What will we do?’

Every year SU Scotland has the joy and privilege of working with young team members who are taking their first steps as trainee leaders and group leaders at holiday clubs, missions and residential events. Many of them will join in with SU’s summer programme while some will be part of activities organised by local churches.

When SU Scotland had to take the decision to cancel this year’s summer programme, part of that cancellation regrettably included our Basecamp and LeadUP training events for those leaving Secondary 5 and older. Many young Christians, over many, many years, would testify that these training events have been significant times in their Christian journey especially when it comes to serving God.

To continue working with this group and to encourage them to find ways to be involved in mission and service even during lockdown, Discipleship at Home was created. This online event ran for five days from Monday 22nd June – Friday 26thJune, led by David Clipston (Young Leaders Development Coordinator) and Colin Carmichael (Regional Worker – North Highlands, Western Isles & Orkney). There was also an excellent team of volunteers and non-furloughed SU Scotland staff who generously gave their time to lead online icebreakers, discussion groups and workshops.

When planning started it was completely unknown how many young leaders would want to gather together online for this. Maybe twenty? Possibly forty? In the first 24 hours of bookings opening, twelve applications had been received and bookings kept coming in. By the time it started, 68 participants were joining each day for at least one of the three daily sessions.

  • Home Truths had an emphasis on exploring and responding to the Bible - looking primarily at the letter of 1 John with time in small groups with team members to consider how to apply what was shared
  • Home Service had an emphasis on service and mission - interviewing staff from Bethany Christian Trust, Open Doors and Open Bible in Ukraine about what mission looks like for them and giving project ideas participants could do in the next 24 hours and over the summer
  • Home Grown was a series of workshops with an emphasis on training and growing discipleship and skills - mindful of application to both summer 2020 and the future

Since the week ended in June and before a summer review day on 6th August, forty participants have signed up to keep meeting together in Discipleship at Home Summer Groups. This is a testimony to how much the opportunity to keep connected to other Christians has been appreciated. In these groups the fun and fellowship continue as more time is spent exploring the Bible.

Give thanks to God for each person who has been involved with Discipleship at Home as a participant and a team member. Also give thanks for each person, church and organisation that has been blessed through the mission and service undertaken this summer as a result of the event.