I have so enjoyed being back in school this month! Limiting visits to one school to follow present restrictions, I have been working with classes in Muirhouse Primary in Motherwell. After so many virtual events, it’s wonderful being able to actually spend time with children and explore the Bible with them. There is no better way to start the day than to hear the excitement when the children notice you arrive at the school and the shouts go up around the playground: ‘It’s Bible Alive!’

Kids really appreciate being able to ask their ‘big questions’. Over the last few weeks kids have asked me, ‘How do you get to heaven?’ and, ‘Is hell for people who are really bad?’ It is so good to have the opportunity to explain that God is just and, in the same way as crime deserves a punishment, the Bible shows that God’s justice means that sin must be punished. I am then able to talk about how the cross shows God’s justice in action, where He delivered the punishment for the sin of everyone who would follow Jesus, but also shows God’s love in action, as He took the punishment on himself. It’s so important for the children to have the opportunity to explore these questions as they are sadly neglected by so much of our society.

Going through a series of lessons lets that relationship build week by week. Recently a boy came and said to me, ‘You were talking about leprosy last week. I went and looked it up. It’s a terrible disease…and Jesus could heal it! Never mind talking about Superman; Jesus really has superpowers!’

I love presenting Bible Alive. This programme goes through the whole story of the Bible which lets the children see the bigger picture of God’s plan of salvation; it means that it makes sense to them. The lessons are so interactive and engaging and the children are able to hear the message in a way they can understand and respond to.

Last week with P7 we were talking about the crucifixion. As we went through the discussion, it was fantastic to see the understanding on the children’s faces, and to hear them put into their own words that Jesus came to be a sacrifice for us, knowing that he was going to the cross, but that he was willing to do this because it was all part of God’s plan to restore our relationship with him. It is just wonderful to see them get this for themselves!

Things are still different and in many ways difficult in schools, but it’s comforting to know that God is still in control and He can do amazing things. Please pray for the children and young people, that doors will continue to open for them to have the opportunity explore the Bible and respond to the significance of Jesus.


Valerie Sim

Lanarkshire Regional Worker