I was recently reading through some of the poetry that our young people write and share on the ignite youth website, and was struck by the incredible talent that they have! This poem is written by 17 year old Eleanor Quigley, one of our ignitees who has a wonderful collection of poetry that describe her experiences and walk with God:

God's Wonder

The wonder of God, raising thoughts in my mind. If I was to fall, would he catch me in time? If I was to jump and hit bottom low, Would he be able to let me go?

He makes me feel like a bird in the sky, A daisy on a mountain, above passers-by. I can feel him in the wind and in my heart, Though I have sinned. When I'm feeling all alone, He looks at me and I'm at home. He's a drop of rain, a ray of sun, His life in me has fresh begun.

He's on my lips and in my mind, Forgive me father and let me shine. Let me shine brighter than day, So I can bring people without delay, To your kingdom high above, Work in me and help me love.


Isn't it beautiful?! If you want to read more of Eleanor's poetry, you can visit her Simply Me blog.