Jennifer Buchan

For months now I have been feeling like God was calling me into some sort of leadership; I just wasn’t sure exactly what. As well as sensing this calling myself, other people had leadership vision for me. When I was in the lower school I went to our school SU Group, run by our local youth worker, Gillian Orr. This year Gillian was keen to make her SU Group for S1-S2 pupils only, and wanted the older S3-S6 group to be student-led. She asked myself and another senior pupil, Sam, to step up and lead the group together.

For the first few weeks we went along without a clear plan, and we weren’t sure how to interest the people who would come. We thought to aim the group towards Christians, as a Christian support group for pupils, and our main focus was prayer. We actually ended up having a wide variety of people turn up, not all of them Christians! This was very encouraging.

In October at the Go Conference I got to hear from other people who run SU Groups, and I was able to get some inspiration. We decided to focus on a set topic each week, and since then have explored The Case for Faith, looking at suffering, miracles, evolution and hell. The response has been positive and the structure provides time for discussion. Our group is relatively new, but the way it’s turning out is amazing!

Jennifer Buchan, S5, Kingussie High, Inverness-shire


Andrew Kennedy

From early on at school people knew I was a Christian because my dad is a minister. This means that I have never had to do much to stand out. However this hasn’t stopped me from actively going to my school SU Group and speaking to people about my beliefs. I am able to do this due to the hope of Jesus; he gives us the power to stand up for him and tell others of his love.

Attending my SU Group has given me strength; when school can be tough, it helps to be reminded about God during lunch. My prayer for my school is that the SU Group would continue to be a light in the school, and that younger pupils would not feel worried about coming. I pray too that Christian pupils would be able to stand out for their faith.

Andrew Kennedy, S5 pupil, Firrhill High, Edinburgh

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Elizabeth McDowall

My role in SU Scotland is to encourage, excite, support and resource prayer both for the young people of Scotland, and among the young people of Scotland. What a fantastic task!