Go Conference this year was an enjoyable and insightful experience for me, as always. I found the focus on Daniel particularly interesting as I hadn't realised how much I need to remember that God is both our friend and father and how to equip myself to keep remembering this and have a balanced relationship with God.

I made and developed a number of friendships over the weekend, especially with the girls in my dorm. People from the different groups were also great fun to be with and their friendship and support has continued since Go Conference.

There were opportunities to do various activities both indoor and outdoor which people seemed to really enjoy. However, if you're like me and enjoy chatting with a cup of tea and maybe doing some crafts, there was plenty of opportunity for that too.

Although Go Conference is about being close to and learning about God, and growing in confidence whilst enjoying time with friends, I can't deny that the food was one of the highlights of my weekend! The Malteser cake - I would come back just for that!


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