Over the next few weeks we will be featuring reflections from our Gap Year team about their time in Ukraine. Read on for Tegan's story about visiting a school club. 

Blue feet, that is all I see. One after another, then mine eventually, they just keep going until I am standing up in front of 20-30 children, who now have faces and not just blue feet.  I think to myself, “How did I get here?  How did all of them get here?”  The logical explanation is they walked or their parents drove them and for me a plane – but that is not what I mean.  I was told there would be 10 to 15 children.  Instead, we get 20-30 and I freak out a bit, but come to the realisation that this is an amazing opportunity to share the word of God. But I freak out again – what if we don’t have enough presents?  Well, I need not worry; the generosity of people from Scotland made sure we had plenty.  Then again butterflies appear in my stomach as we tell them about the Bible and Scotland.  They seem to be enjoying themselves. There are smiling faces. And their faces lit up when getting the presents – they were so thankful.  But it had to come to an end however. Blue feet again going the other way, this time with mine following.

However, this is not the end, well it is the end of the blue feet but not the end of the numbers surprising us.  Club time again. We were expecting 30 children, but 54 turned up.  I just remember 108 little eyes staring at me, ready for me to speak.  We started to deliver and the excitement was exactly the same – wanting to join in with everything and volunteer.  The increase in children has just been an amazing answer to prayer, that we can reach even more children with the Good News.

-Tegan, Gap Year 2018/19

You can read more about Tegan on her support page