Over the last few weeks we have been featuring reflections from our Gap Year team about their time in Ukraine. Read on for Bonnie's story about visiting a school club. 

So, while I was in Ukraine with the other gap years, we were helping at different clubs and schools. On a Monday club we were at Vorzel and we did our presentation. After the presentation everyone was playing different games. Now, the girl who received the shoebox last year with just the right amount of money for a pair of shoes was at the club. Her name is Christina. She waved me over and was telling me that at the Open Bible winter camp, she became a Christian. She’d received a “Real Life” band. These wristbands were given out at the Scottish Go Conference and the spare bands were taken to Ukraine. She told me about how important God is to her and said that she hoped that I’d continue to know that he is real life. She then gave me the “Real Life” band and hugged me. It meant a lot to me. I now wear that band and often reflect on Ukraine.

-Bonnie, Gap Year 2018/19

You can read more about Bonnie on her support page

2018/19 Gap Year, from left to right: Megan, Tegan, and Bonnie