"And the child grew and became strong, he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon him." Luke 2:40

These familiar verses, talking of course about Jesus, are a brilliant way to pray for children and young people as they go to school. When you pray for the pupils at your local school, here are four key topics to be praying for:

1. We want pupils to gain maximum advantage from the education system we have here in Scotland, growing in knowledge and understanding, fulfilling their potential. We also want them to grow physically, protected from sickness and harm.

2. We long for Christian children in particular to be strong at school; not weak, following the crowd, but with an inner strength that sustains them through times of doubt and difficulty.

3. We also want them to be wise, able to discern the difference between truth and lies, making good decisions and right choices.

4. And of course, most of all, we long for the grace of God to be upon them. What does that mean exactly? It means that they might be aware of his goodness, his love, his favour, his blessing. What a prayer!

Seeing that prayer answered is thrilling. Maybe a young person you know is flourishing at school, or growing as a Christian. Praise God! Or perhaps someone comes to mind who isn't, and needs your prayers.

Elizabeth McDowall

My role in SU Scotland is to encourage, excite, support and resource prayer both for the young people of Scotland, and among the young people of Scotland. What a fantastic task!