BlueprintOver the last few years, Christian youth in Dumfries have been inspired to take a lead role in local events such as a weekly senior-school-year bible study, school SU Groups, and a 24/7 prayer room. Back in September 2012, we organised a Youth Alpha course. While the adults provided prayer support and great food, they took a back seat while the young people led ice breaker games, talks and small discussion groups. The course ran for 11 weeks and was a huge success! 40 young people came along from week to week, the majority of whom were unchurched. As a young person who lead a talk and small group, I was encouraged to see other young people wanting to stay active and involved, and also to see how possible it is to put ideas into action!

Following that, at Bible study group, we talked about continuing our involvement in the local Christian community and setting up something new - someone suggested a regular evening of worship and teaching. Everyone was enthusiastic but after a long discussion about the hurdles and difficulties we would face, we decided to pray about it more before starting anything. That same week, Carina Lamb, our SU Scotland Regional Worker, approached me and asked if I would be interested in helping to set up something exactly like what we had been talking about at Bible study! Of course I was more than excited and knowing that her invite was an answer to prayer, I said yes! I quickly realised that my friends had been right - there was so much to organise. But there were also so many people praying and keen to get an event going, and we definitely had God on our side! I've been so encouraged by how quickly it's been pulled together and although we had to cancel our first event in February due to unexpected weather, the replacement event went as planned in June. Although we didn't have loads of people attending, we trust that God touched the hearts of those who were there and that numbers will increase with each event! We even wanted this to be reflected in the name of the event, Blueprint, which came from the idea that God has big plans for each of us. The Blueprint experience so far has reinforced to me that God is in control, but also that as Christians we have to take some responsibility in carrying out his plans (like organising and promoting an event). I look forward to the next installment of God's plans in my life!

Written by Megan Gurney, who's just about to head off to university. The next Blueprint event takes place on 7 September. You can find out more from Carina Lamb, Regional Worker for Dumfries and Galloway.