andrei & natashaEarlier this spring, SU workers Andrei & Natasha from Ukraine visited us in Scotland, and across the UK. Here's a few of their reflections on the trip...

Our trip to Britain was wonderful! We were able to see so much, learn a lot and even take part in a number of events. We won't talk about the scenery we travelled through or the ancient castle ruins, abbeys and other historic buildings and examples of modern architecture... Everything was amazingly beautiful and most unusual for us. We met many kind and sincere people. Above all else what moved us to tears were people's prayers for Ukraine. Many Christians came up to us and said that they were praying for us, for peace in Ukraine, for God's protection from evil, for wisdom for our government. It was an enormous encouragement for us that we were not alone in our worries.

A key thing for us was being at a conference for SU volunteers in Swanwick. The conference was about discipleship, with many things for us to learn from. Then one more blessing – a camp in Scotland. This was a three-day camp at Lendrick Muir, where the children arrived on Friday evening and went home on Sunday after lunch. They were studying the story of Daniel. We very much liked the “creative prayer” at various stations where we could all learn to talk with the Lord in different ways, using different methods.

Bible Alive

A highlight of our trip was visiting a school where we witnessed a fascinating Bible Alive lesson conducted by SU Scotland worker Valerie. Before our eyes the Bible came to life through vivid story-telling, scenes enacted in costume and sound effects – in which the pupils themselves took part. Sign language helped us and all the children to remember important Biblical truths. The hour passed in a flash! In this interesting way Valerie presents the whole Bible in the course of five or six lessons. This was a great experience for us as we begin to teach Christian ethics in our schools, because from the very beginning the Bible is presented to the children as a whole. And there was one more interesting day which the Lord gave us in England – a retreat day. One day just to stop, to escape from the noise and the busyness, to listen to God, to praise him, to reflect, pray and to share thoughts and ideas with others, both staff and volunteers. This was another unforgettable day. Those are some of the experiences and impressions we had from our trip to Britain. And that’s just a small part.

Andrei & Natasha work for SU in Ukraine, and first shared this story in their newsletter. Join the international prayer diary mailing list.