Maxwell Mearns Castle love the work of SU Scotland - for the past few years they have held an SU lunch after the morning service and this year again the hall was packed. 

In January and February there had been weekends away for the primary and then secondary aged pupils in East Renfrewshire and it was great to have lots of young people there to see their faces on the big screen as we showed photos throughout the lunch.

Maxwell Mearns Castle Lunch

At the end of lunch I shared some more of the work that SU Scotland have been doing in East Renfrewshire - stories of volunteers starting new groups, and keeping established ones going in the area. Photos too of young leaders who had made their way from the primary events and were now serving in various ways with SU.

There was a donation box for the lunch and almost £600 was raised for work in East Renfrewshire - thank you!