Grant Brown and Laurie Donaldson, who sit on the SU Scotland Student Exec, have recently become Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) as representatives of SU Scotland, and will seek to bring a Christian perspective to issues discussed.


The Scottish Youth Parliament is a forum for young people, aiming to "help Scotland understand which issues are important to young people, and to campaign on those issues in order to make Scotland a better place for young people." It seeks to ensure that the voices of young people are heard in government, and that young people are involved in the decision making process at a national level.

"The innovation of the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP) made a very important statement about the need for the voice of young people to be heard at the very heart of government in Scotland. We desperately need young disciples of Jesus speaking his truth with his humility and grace into the issues of the day." Andy Bathgate, Chief Exec of SU Scotland

The parliament is made up of around 200 MSYPs from across Scotland, most of whom represent their local constituencies with a selection representing national voluntary organisations. SU Scotland is one of these national voluntary organisations, and Grant and Laurie will represent the organisation in their roles as MSYPs. Noel Slevin, Regional Administrator for SU Scotland, will be their support worker, mentoring them, providing advice and helping them think through some of the issues raised in SYP, as well as providing a link between Laurie, Grant and the SU Scotland staff team.

This is an exciting new venture for SU Scotland as we seek to ensure the voices of Christian young people are heard in Scottish politics. Andy Bathgate comments, "We are delighted that Grant Brown and Laurie Donaldson, with the help of their Support Worker, Noel Slevin, will be able to represent SU Scotland in the SYP. That will not be easy. Sometimes it will mean standing out from the crowd, doubtless it will involve some hard and serious thinking, mostly it will mean following the example of Jesus in displaying an attitude like his. We will ensure that Grant and Laurie are given the support they need, and also that they will be able to hear the views of other young people in SU Scotland."

This weekend will be the first meeting with the Scottish Youth Parliament which will involve discussions on the current campaign for marriage equality. Please pray for wisdom for Grant, Laurie and Noel as they seek to present a Christian witness.