On 29 April 80 people donned their dancing shoes to 'Ceilidh a Kid to Camp'.

The aim was to raise funds to get kids to the Edinburgh SU Weekends in May at Scoughall and February at Lendrick Muir at a cost of £20 a head. These subsidised places are for kids from families who couldn't afford the £50 or £70 it would normally cost.

In total, over £1,500 was raised! This amount, along with some funds already in the pot, will enable 40 kids to attend a Weekend at Scoughall or Lendrick Muir for a mere £20, which is a great result.

We're very grateful to everyone who contributed to the evening: those who helped organise it, the ceilidh band for volunteering their time and talents and, of course, those who bought tickets and gave on the night.

There was a fantastic atmosphere and judging by the photos below, people had fun! We're excited about making Weekends more accessible to disadvantaged kids in Edinburgh, so this is unlikely to be our last venture to this end. Watch this space!

Dancing the night away!