We often talk about the impact made by our prayer supporters and volunteers. We recently saw real fruits of this support at Scoughall & Kingscross.

Back in May there was a massive amount of development and maintenance work needing done on site at our Scoughall and Kingscross campsites to get them ready for summer SU Holidays. We sent out a prayer request that everything would get done in time.

This prayer was answered. Andrew McKay, Facilities Coordinator, and others did a phenomenal job. There have been significant changes at both sites to help campers and team have a more enjoyable holiday experience.

For campers there is a new assault course and underground crawl tunnel network at Scoughall (built by the army!); for cooks and general helpers there is now a static caravan at Kingscross offering better accommodation than previously.

Both sites have seen painting, decorating, new fences and upgrades to the facilities – all done in time for summer SU Holidays which are now underway.

Another major answer to prayer was the recruitment of four campsite assistants. Again, we asked people to pray – it took three rounds of advertising and the last person was appointed just 6 days before starting work... but – our prayers were answered and there are now two assistants in place at Scoughall and two at Kingscross.

This shows, above all, that God is faithful; he does answer prayers and provide for needs. It is also a testament to the commitment of our supporters – this would not have been possible without their help. A huge thank you to Andrew McKay who recently left SU Scotland to pursue Christian ministry in Shropshire, and to all those who showed their support by praying and volunteering.

We hope you will be as encouraged as we are by these answered prayers.